Air transportation

International air transportation is the best logistics solution should you be needing to urgently ship sensitive or fragile goods over long distances. The main advantage of air transport is of course its speed.

At Olimzar OÜ, we facilitate the transport of goods by air to many destinations, offering our clients sophisticated logistics solutions tailored to their requirements. For popular destinations, we are readily able to offer tried and tested routes. For rarer destinations, our logisticians will develop a new route based upon the safest and most profitable solution for our clients. At all times, our specialists create unique logistics schemes for air transportation to any corner of the world, allowing reduced delivery times and transportation costs. We optimize multimodal transportation by delivering goods as far as possible by air, with deliveries then connected to their final destination by land.

We ship all categories of cargo by air, from standard consignments of goods, to oversized and even heavy cargo, depending on the needs of our clients.

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