Cargo insurance allows you to neutralise the risks associated with material losses. It allows the forwarder, cargo owner and carrier to protect their interests as well as that of the property against damage, loss or complete destruction. We recommend that you include an insurance contract in advance of shipment, to protect against the unfortunate event of loss or damage. We provide our clients with insurance services for any cargo against risk of all nature.

Olimzar OÜ will consult with you closely to choose the best insurance policy to meets your individual needs. All goods that we carry are subject to the provisions of the international CMR insurance. As per the terms of this insurance, the carrier bears the material liability for the loss or damage of the transported goods.

The degree of responsibility for loss or damage is dependent upon the weight and value of the cargo. Should particularly valuable cargo undergo transportation, we recommend entering into additional agreements over and above the standard CMR insurance package. Full compensation for the value of the cargo, regardless of its price and weight, is thus guaranteed.

To ensure convenience and ease, our specialists offer document preparation services for drawing up insurance contracts to meet all specific requirements.

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